5 Signs That All He Wants Is Just Another Hook-Up

You can do much better!

5 Signs That All He Wants Is Just Another Hook-Up

Are you breaking your head over a guy who makes you feel like you are his everything at times while treats you like you mean nothing to him the rest of the time? If yes, you need to get this straight; he is not into you. As heartbreaking as it may sound, it is better to accept the reality sooner than getting too involved and making it even more difficult for yourself to get over him later. Here are 5 signs that tell you that he just wants a hook-up.

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  • He doesn’t initiate a conversation


Playboys are easy to figure out.  They follow a usual pattern of initiating a conversation only when their hormones are screaming out for action. You’ll notice that they will stray from conversations on a day-to-day basis but as soon as the weekend approaches, they will hit you up and speak with you in the most sugar-coated words possible but honey, don’t you fall for that. These are merely booty calls.

  • He doesn’t cuddle


If a guy avoids cuddling and indulging in whispered conversations post sex, it is high time that you realise he is just in for the benefits and is refraining from getting emotionally attached to you. When it is clear between two individuals that the relationship is casual, it is absolutely normal to do so but if he says one thing and his actions speak otherwise, it is clear that he is keeping you as an option which he can fall back to when there is nobody else. These guys are best to stay away from as they even fail to make what they actually want clear and lead women on only to break their hearts and leave them.

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  • He doesn’t give you enough time


Do you constantly crave for his attention while he doesn’t pay heed to your existence? This sends out a strong message that he isn’t solely seeing you but i meeting other women as well. If he hasn’t made that clear to you, please note that the man is a casanova and you can do much better.

  • Does not add you on social media


This is a clear indicator that the guy does not want to allow you into his private life and wants to limit the relationship to a casual one which involves nothing more than flings or one-night stands.

  • Does not introduce you to his friends or family


This is something that sends out the message loud and clear. If he does not involve you in his friend circle and keeps you away from his family, know this thing that you are nothing but his dirty secret which he would never reveal to anyone. These guys rarely come to your rescue when required. To cut the long story short, they don’t care.

Ladies, maintain your self-respect and do away with such guys as there are better men out there who would value and respect you. Lastly, they’d love you for the person you are and stick by your side when you need them.

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