5 Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship

5 Signs That You Are In A Toxic Relationship

It’s a wonderful feeling to be needed, loved and respected by someone who is genuine. But unfortunately, not everyone you meet will be true to you. Some people by nature are extremely unpredictable and selfish. They live by the phrase “it’s either my way or the highway”. A one-sided relationship can never flourish as it takes efforts by two people to nourish and strengthen a bond. While it’s important to have a healthy, loving and dependable relationship it’s also equally important that you have your own life and goals and not let your partner dictate every aspect of your life. You might not even realize you are in an unbalanced or selfish relationship until you start resenting him/her. Here are signs that you are in a sabotaging relationship.

  • Your partner is constantly nagging or making you feel insignificant.

There is an obvious distinction between a person who pushes you forward and helps you strive to reach your goals and a person who constantly belittles and discredits your goals making you feel utterly worthless. A selfish person is rarely considerate of anyone else’s ambitions or feelings because they only focus on themselves. If you find that you don’t receive an equal amount of respect you give in, it’s a clear sign that you’re in a selfish relationship.

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  • You feel controlled by many of their rules

Do you feel subjugated by your partner? Do they expect you to live on their terms and conditions, while they continue to live life spontaneously?  This is because egotistical people often put high expectations on others and if you fail to meet their expectations, extreme judgment follows and you have hell to pay for. Stand up for yourself, no matter what do not let the other person walk over you!

  • Your partner is self-absorbed

Toxic Relationship

It’s not uncommon knowledge that selfish people are often self -absorbed. They love blowing their own trumpets and often overlook your feelings.  Self-centered people believe what they are doing is far more important than anything you can ever do and they are right in always putting themselves first. If that stands true for your partner then you are being treated as merely a pawn in that relationship. This kind of behavior will eventually get on your last nerve and it should; work on it before it gets out of hand.

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  • Your partner finds it hard to apologize

This point should be the immediate deal-breaker! Selfish and egotistical people find it strenuous to say “I’m sorry”.  Even if they know they have hurt you, they would rather brush it off than apologies. If your partner does not have the capacity to give in to his mistakes and accept responsibility for his/her actions, it’s an indication they lack basic moral values. They are not equipped enough to see past themselves so to them anything they do or say is right.

  • Your partner is over competitive

A little competition is healthy for a relationship only until it’s all in good fun. There is a thin line between competitive and over competitive. If your partner is perpetually trying to outsmart you and prove they are better, stronger, smarter at everything, it’s a sign they are selfish and insecure. They are filled with envy if you have something they want and they can’t seem to let it go. Be careful!

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