5 Signs That Social Media Is Affecting Your Relationship

5 Signs That Social Media Is Affecting Your Relationship

We wake up to notifications and sleep only after checking all the social updates. Is there a life beyond social media for us? Sure, it has made network with people easier. In fact, it serves offline introverts as a platform where they are active and interactive. Although these social media platforms help to make more friends online but its effects are not all conducive to our real life relationships.

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Before the days of Facebook, twitter and blogs it was difficult for people to know about others’ intimate lives. Today, we can manipulate information the way we want it to appear. The urge to update their so-called friends on everything has become even more addictive thanks to new features like stories, reposting etc. And it’s taking a toll on the ability to feel pleased with our own lives. It is making us feel insecure about ourselves, relationships and most importantly, our sex lives. Here are few signs that prove social media is affecting your relationship.

  1. Reel v/s real

Addiction to phone: couple in bench using telephone

Maintaining our identity online has become so important that people tend to get confused between digital and true intimacy. In this process we forget who we are and the values we believe in. This often causes damage in the relationship.

  1. No more talking

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We often see couples who talk a lot via texts but when they meet in person, everything gets uncomfortable. Messages do make communication easier but the excitement of a face-to-face diminishes.

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  1. Too much information

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Today, it’s become all about “Dinner date with bae” and the pouring of likes and comments it brings. However, as we know most updates are filtered, still when we see other couples it renders us with a little envy every time. Before you know it the relationship is partially dead.

  1. Psychological issues


Investing too much time on social media is one of the reasons behind increasing psychological issues like anxiety, distrust, and insecurity among the youth. It can be a rather small thing such as replying late to the messages or even not liking their partners post online, but they tend to over react.

5. Easy to misunderstand


It’s very easy to misunderstand a simple conversation on social media. Since we cannot hear the tone of our words online it often gets misinterpreted. This is a major issue that can be seen in young couples.

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