5 Signs That You Should Not Have Sex With Him

Beware of him. Maybe, you should go for someone else!

5 Signs That You Should Not Have Sex With Him

Maybe the two of you have a great time together, he makes you laugh and makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world but that does not give you a free pass to jump into the bed with him. Yes, men can be genuine and loving but there are some who are merely looking for a hookup and would say or do anything to get their way into your pants. Beware of such sexual predators.  On the other hand, it would also be wrong on your part to indulge into sexual activity with someone who is in love with you and not vice-versa. Here are a few signs that you should not have sex with him.

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  • Emotionally Unavailable

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Do not fall for those enticing talks right before he jumps into a make-out session with you. If your man is emotionally unavailable when you need him the most and doesn’t feel the need to hear you out or help you, do not have sex with him. Evidently, he is only in for the sex.

  • On-Sided Lover


It would be unfair to get physically intimate with someone who is in love with you and if you do not feel the same for him. Do not send out misleading signals and play with someone’s feelings. Keep in mind how it would feel if someone would do the same to you.

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  • The leech


Yes, some individuals can be like leeches who suck the life out of you. If he constantly argues with you and his behavior gives you a headache, it is high-time for you to get rid of such toxicity from your life.

  • Financially Dependent


Honey, I understand that your man is painfully handsome or unbelievably nice but if he constantly keeps relying on your financial resources, better to bid him a goodbye. Such men will stick around with you only for your money.

  • You Develop Feelings


If you’re stuck in a situation where you share an amazing chemistry with someone and the person is ready to indulge into sexual activity with you , its great to go for a friends with benefits relationship. However, the moment you start falling for that person, it’s best to refrain from physical intimacy given that the other person has no feelings for you.

There are umpteen men out there you can choose to have sex with but it would be best to follow the advice mentioned above!

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