5 Signs That He Isn’t Satisfying You And What To Do About It

5 Signs That He Isn’t Satisfying You And What To Do About It

Many times it happens that you’ve been left high and dry, without an orgasm after a lot of anticipation. Things can get awkward and be embarrassing for both of you. The best way to achieve pleasure is to understand your partner, but there are times when nothing works for you. Different positions, dirty talk or even rough sex seem better options as long as you get to an orgasm. But you aren’t always lucky enough to sigh in bliss, so here are 5 signs that show he isn’t satisfying you and what you can do to reevaluate your sexual relationship

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No Feedback & Communication

mutual solution

You have stopped responding to his advances and when you do have sex, there is very less feedback given. One of the key elements in a sexual relationship is to communicate effectively. Be it via words or touches, assuring your partner is important. You don’t bother telling if they are good in bed or if they’re actually satisfying you. It’s not like you haven’t told them this earlier, but they haven’t paid any attention to your pleasure. So now you remain passive and even fake orgasms to avoid conflicts or hurting their egos. Talk it out. You need to explain to your man and settle on a mutual solution that is beneficial for both you and him.

Plenty of Excuses


You have excuses for every move. All your date nights end up in one of you falling asleep early without any sex at all. Work pressure, headaches, time or tiredness all pop up when he even suggests any sexy time. You prefer not to talk about old sexy times as well. Making time for your partner is important and will help you sort your issues. Don’t avoid the conversation. You need to face the situation before they ruin your relationship completely.

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You Masturbate More


You have switched to other ways to reach orgasms. Obviously, things are not working out between you and you are now desperate for methods and ways to pleasure yourself. You might even pretend to orgasm just to keep things easy in your relationship, but it isn’t a long-term solution. If you can’t achieve orgasm via sex with them, include sex toys and your own body to bring pleasure. Masturbating together can be another way to satisfy yourself.

Rush Sex

Rush Sex

When you do end up having sex, it’s faster than flash! Rush sex is a sign he isn’t exactly hitting your right spots and you actually don’t care anymore. Sex is now a chore you want to get over with for the sake of your partner. You might even start wishing for other fantasies for the sake of pleasure because you know there is no hope from him.

Directing Him

Sexy Time

Either you keep mum during sex or you’re extremely vocal about what you want. In short, you need him to start pleasuring you right or at least attempt at making you feel good as well. You have started telling him what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You’re basically directing this ship to the shore now, and he more or less hates it. After all, men have fragile egos and you are indirectly stating he isn’t doing this right. Although it’s a good thing to communicate, keep in mind not to let your bossy attitude affect the mood and hamper your sexy time.

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