5 Signs That You Have Found Your Best Friend For Life


5 Signs That You Have Found Your Best Friend For Life


You meet a lot of people at every phase of life. Many stay only for a shorter period of time but some end up becoming your life long companions. You feel no hesitation when they borrow something, no awkwardness when the bill comes, and you always ask them to tag along whenever you have the opportunity to experience something new. You make the effort and walk the extra mile to spend time with your BFFL even if it’s just through texts or a phone call because if someone is truly worth it, you make it work. Here are few signs that show that you have found a best friend for life.

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  1. They can come to your place without informing

They can come to meet you without checking with you and now even your family treats them like a family member. She can goof around with your parents, your grandparents know her, as well as your aunts and uncles, and your cousins ask for her. That is a sign of a true BFF.

  1. You can be honest with them

You don’t have to hide anything from them even if it’s about them. You don’t sugar coat things just to make it sound better. Both of you can share each other’s opinions without being offended, and value what the other has to say.

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  1. You can tolerate each other’s mood swings

They tend to know you so well that you exactly know how the other one is going to react and have mastered the way to deal with it as well. It doesn’t matter how they react as far as you love them for what they are and they love you back too. You both don’t have any space for judgments in your life.

  1. They are the first to know every big news about you

The first person you call when you want to share any news about your life. They have got your back through good and bad. You can call them at 3 am and you know they’ll be there for you. If they’re asleep, they’ll probably abuse you first, but will still talk to you for as long as you want them to.

  1. They stuck around

When everybody else turned their back and walked away from you, they stayed because they are the epitome of what it is to be a friend. They give “friendship” its true meaning and you know how difficult it is to find that. So you cannot afford to lose them.

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