5 Signs You Fight Too Much In Your Relationship

5 Signs You Fight Too Much In Your Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs and couples that have stayed together for a long period know that they’ll argue at some point or another.

Some couples make it up quickly after a fight with a sweet or romantic gesture where as some tend to drag it way too long. Some may argue intensely but quietly while some may talk thing out in an annoyed yet controlled pace. Any of these ways to argue aren’t unhealthy but are signs that you might be wight too much with your significant other.

Its difficult to gauge your own relationship but sometimes you need to sit and think if being in this type of relationship is okay for you emotional and physical health. Are you both struggling to keep the relationship strong?

Here are 5 signs that show you fight too much and are definitely in a relationship that’s toxic for both of you!

1. You often fight over text

Arguing face to face is hard, and doing it over text makes it even worst. Without knowing the facial expressions, the silences and the opportunity to touch each other or the ability to see how your words are impacting each other, thing can really go bitter.

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2. Screaming at each other is regular

Raising your voice occasionally at times during an argument is normal. But if this is the only tone you use whenever you have a fight you should definitely rethink about your relationship. Yelling is not the solution to find answers to your problems. In fact it signals communication breakdown.

3. It feels like it’s always you against them

Going through a rough patch in your relationship is quiet normal. You tend to feel adrift from your partner at some point. But if your relationship has come to a point where you no longer view yourself as a part of a couple, but as an adversary who has to prove themselves right, it’s better that you give yourself some alone space and time.

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4. You don’t know what you are fighting about

This is quite different from when you pick a fight just to irritate your partner for fun. Every small argument turns out into a big fight! And sometimes even you don’t know what you guys have been fighting about. You suddenly forget why you care so much trying to prove yourself right. Arguing without purpose is a sign that your relationship needs overhauling.

5. You fight in front of other people

Nothing gets worse that seeing yourself fight in front of your friends and family. Every couples have arguments and fights, but if this happens in front of public its time you understand that things have gone sour!

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