5 Signs That He Is Cheating On You

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5 Signs That He Is Cheating On You

Does your man refrain from hanging around with you or is he on his phone more often than he used to be previously? Furthermore, does it feel like the spark between the two of you has been lost and it’s only you trying to find it back? Chances are that your partner has been cheating on you. Here are some signs that would help you determine if your doubts are right.

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  • He doesn’t give you time anymore


Spending time with each other is crucial to a healthy relationship. If your guy has been avoiding those dinner dates or late night cuddled-up talks, he has probably lost interest in you and is finding ways to escape your presence. This might be because of enjoying someone else’s company more than yours.

  • He is on his phone all the time

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Isn’t it puzzling to see someone text and talk over the phone profusely all of a sudden? Honey, his attention is not on important office calls or texts but another woman. Nobody would avoid their partner beyond a certain extent citing professional reasons. Dedicated partners know how to strike a balance between their work and personal life.

  • Stops initiating make out and sex sessions


The guy who used to jump into bed with you in a jiffy now acts all pricey and disinterested. If that’s the case, he definitely wants to get into some other woman’s pants. You are now a conquered interest which does not appeal him anymore.

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  • Cancels plans


If he is cancelling plans with you after having agreed to them initially, he is probably accommodating newly made plans with his new found love in the time slot which was allotted to you.

  • Somebody spots him Tinder


If a friend of yours finds him on tinder, there is no further investigation required. He is undoubtedly cheating on you and you need to bid him a goodbye.

If he has stopped expressing his feelings and seems aloof, it is time for you to realize the situation and let go. You’re going to find someone who will treat you better!

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