5 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend Ever

5 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend Ever

Being in a relationship is beautiful. Even though there are times when he gets on your nerves and you seem unreasonable to him, there are always good things to make up for it. Nobody is perfect and no matter how imperfect a relationship is, as long as there’s love, it’s worth holding on to. Having that one person who will love you even when you look like you belong to The Trench kingdom (watch Aquaman!) is just awesome. He knows everything about your life; you even rant about that short, old tyrant in your office to him. And he listens, intently.

He should never judge you

Best Boyfriend Signs

A relationship should be like a safe haven for both the persons involved. And how do you feel that security? By knowing that you won’t be judged. If he loves you irrespective of your moods swings and your flip side, then he’s a keeper. If he has met your family circus and loves them too, put a ring on it!

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He must make spontaneous plans with you

spontaneous plans

Life can be boring with a partner who knows nothing about making spontaneous plans. From long drives to weekend getaways and even a quick random stroll down to the neighbourhood patisserie—it is these little surprises that keep a relationship fun!

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Helps you with your life

life goals

No, he needn’t become your PA and get your clothes picked from the cleaners. But if you really work as a team, he shouldn’t be hesitant in helping you out when you really need a hand. This holds true especially for couples living together. If you have mehendi on, it will be so sweet to have him feed you. Or if you really need a push in the right direction, who would you turn to? Him. It’s gotta be him.

Hugs you from behind

Hugs from behind

A back hug is a sign of reassurance and protection. It means the person completely trusts you and would literally always have your back. No wonder, it makes you feel so special. These hugs are life!

Mix your social circles

social circles

If a guy truly loves you, he would want you to be a part of his social group. At the same time, he would also want to mix with your folks. Arriving as a pair, aren’t you?

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