5 Signs That You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

Not only does water offer health benefits but plenty of beauty benefits as well. Drink a generous amount of water to achieve a clear and glowing skin!

5 Signs That You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

“Drink plenty of water” is the advice you must have heard from beauty experts as well as nutritionists and even your health conscious friends. Keeping yourself hydrated is important as it ensures efficient digestion and improves your skin quality by reducing acne breakout problems. However how do you know whether your water consumption is sufficient or below the requirement of the body? Here are 5 signs that show insufficient water content in your body.

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  • Digestive problems


The digestive system in your body contains mucus that renders to healthy digestion and the smooth functioning of the excretory system. With a lack of sufficient water supply to the digestive system, the strength of the mucus decreases, thus leading to a spurt of the impact of stomach acids. This causes indigestion or what we commonly refer to as heartburn.

  • Constipation

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Unstable digestions result in excretory problems. Less water makes it difficult for your stools to pass out of your body. While a hydrated body ensures a lubricative digestive system, a dehydrated body causes the colon to use up the water that would have been used by the intestines in the next step of the digestive process. This leads to accumulation of gas in the system which then causes stomach ache and constipation.

  • Reduced urination

If you experience lesser calls to attend to your urinary system, it’s about time that you pay a visit to the doctor’s clinic. Furthermore, if your urine carries a high ammonia content and is yellow in colour, it means that there are essential fluids and acids flowing out of your body in exchange of the water that you should have drank. Excess dehydration may abysmally transgress into urinary tract infections thus it is an indispensable activity to keep yourself hydrated by drinking atleast 8 glasses of water per day.

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  • Feeling fatigued and experiencing blackouts


Scarcely hydrated blood provides a reduced oxygen supply to your body which can result to your body feeling weak. You’ll end up feeling tired very often and experience fatigue as well as recurring blackouts. Your body begins to lose stamina and you’ll end up falling sick too soon. If you are experiencing any of these, it’s high-time that you begin to be generous about water-consumption.

  • Mouth feels dry

It is essential to keep your mouth moist and healthy. A dry mouth indicates extreme dehydration. The mucus membranes in your mouth need to be lubricated and this happens only with ample drinking of water. This increases the saliva percent in your mouth thus avoiding it from letting out a smell which basically indicates an unhealthy oral health.

In conclusion, we’d suggest you drink loads of water so that you stay in pink health while achieving a healthy and glowing visage at the same time. Do not replace water in exchange for any other aerated drink as nothing works like the natural resource of water!

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