5 Shower Sex Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You

5 Shower Sex Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You

Shower sex is one particular type of sex that has more cons than it has pros. But couples still do it anyway cause it’s pleasurable and enjoyable at the same time. Although we women might have any issues with shower sex, there is a possibilty that men may not agree on that. There are certain things that he probably hates about it and may never tell you.

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Here are 5 secrets that men would like to keep it to themsleves.

1. He can’t see anything

With water and steam everywhere, it makes it difficult to see anything or know what he is doing. There’s water running down his face, spraying into his eyes it’s like a terrifying, horny, water park ride.

2. He doesn’t like your wet hair all over.

It’s there on the walls, it’s on him, it’s everywhere! He’ll probably be pulling if off him even after days from different parts of his body. This is the reason he hates your wet hair in shower.

3. It works better in a rich person’s shower

Shower sex requires space and it’ll be difficult to do it if you have just have 2×2 space. Plus it looks great in movies because the showers are the size of most people’s bedrooms and there’s no curtain to get tangled in while you try to hump away in a damp, confined space.

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4.  It feels different

Shower sex is different than your regular sex. It is a lot slicker than regular sex, and that should go without saying. But you can even feel like you’re lubed upto 1000 times.

5. He’s freezing

This is probably the longest he has been inside. And somehow, this whole time, you’ve stayed under the hot shower water while he’s stuck on the outs. It’s obvious that he’s man parts are definitely freezing out.

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