5 Shopping Commandments You NEED In Your Life!

5 Shopping Commandments You NEED In Your Life!

Impulse buying can actually make your wallet emptier, so understand what you need, if your bank account can afford it and plan out your shopping list to maximize your savings. When you do decide to go shopping, here are some shopping commandments you need to keep in mind.

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The Right Outfit

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Going shopping means you’ll be trying on different clothes. Make the process easier by wearing the comfiest and least layers possible. You don’t want to be wasting 2 hours each just getting out of your clothes in the changing room to try on a million dresses right? Don’t accessorise too heavily that needs to be taken off every time you try on a new outfit. Dress for comfort and ease to save time. Another good tip is to wear the right kind of lingerie while going shopping. Don’t wear a lacy bra, rather opt for a normal brassiere instead to clearly understand if the clothes are your size.

Basics Are Evergreen

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You can never go wrong with the basics – jeans, a white slip, a white shirt and a pair of flats or sandals. These will last your forever and can be made stylish with the right accessories and make-up. You can afford to splurge on these basics. But remember don’t go overboard with the trends. Not all trends, styles and designs will suit your body type or age so think carefully before you spend. If it doesn’t look good then just walk away from that clothes.

Double Check Sales


You’ve obviously been tempted with sales and discounts, but always double check on their authenticity. If they’re genuine, go for it. But calculate if you’re actually spending more than before in this sale. With all those falsely hiked prices slashed down to the actual rate, sales can be deceiving. Be careful when purchasing things that are non-returnable since you might just get scammed and lured by that sale sign. Sales also are a good way to buy things that you wouldn’t normally go for but keep your urges in check based on your style and preferences.

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Let It Go

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You thought that dress looked cute but it’s too big for you? WALK AWAY! Don’t guilt yourself into buying it if not in your size. Unless you’re a really good seamstress or have a personal tailor to do your bidding, don’t buy clothes that are too big for you (at least not the ones that are obvious!). It might be super cute but you need to let it go and move on. Who knows, you might just find something even better!

Shopping Buddy

Shopping Buddy

Shopping days can get tiresome and boring, so instead of going out alone. Take along your friends or a family member who can be your shopping buddy. They can act as a second opinion on your fashion choices and actually add a new touch to your closet. Shopping with friends also helps you bond and save money by saying what actually looks good on you. So you need to buy only those things that look amazing on you and fit in within your budget. Stick to cash and leave behind your cards so you don’t overspend your limits.

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