5 Sexual Secrets Your Man Wants You To Know

5 Sexual Secrets Your Man Wants You To Know

You have tried to read his mind. You have tried to read between the lines. And yet, you have no clue about what your man really wants you to know. But your guessing games are over. You no longer have to guess what men like in bed. So, what powerful facts about themselves do all men want to share with their spouses? Here are eight sex secrets that may help you understand – and get even closer to – your man.

  1. He wants you to dress up for him

A long, long time ago, your husband bought you some lingerie. Remember? You wore it once or twice, then stuffed it deep in the back of a drawer. Well, the time has come to dig it out. Consider dressing for his tastes and not just yours once in a while. When you dress for him, he takes it as a sign that you still care enough to make the effort. So, some sexy lingerie will go a long way to rekindle the passion you share. Surprise him by slipping into something he will find exciting. So, dust off the lingerie and fire up the candles.

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  1. He wants you to initiate lovemaking


If your husband is always the one to start things up, eventually he’ll wonder, ‘Why doesn’t she ever initiate lovemaking? Doesn’t she want me anymore?’ When you take the lead, you’re explicitly telling him that you love to spend time with him – it immediately eliminates the guesswork for your guy.

  1. He craves for sexual affirmation

Men have insecurities too. They may never tell anyone this, but they are secretly vulnerable. How does a woman help change the insecurity to confidence? Affirmation and compliments! To men, affirmation from their wives means everything!  So, be explicit in letting your husband know what you enjoy

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  1. He loves unexpected touches

Yes it’s true. The slightest touch from you can bring a man to his knees in mid-sentence. In other words, let your fingers do the talking. Even those quick bicep rubs when your man gets back from the gym, or those errant shoulder squeezes, can send your man over the moon. While coffee is pretty good, your gentle peck is really the best part of walking up. It’s as if out of the blue, you were so overcome by his breathtaking cuteness that you just had to give him a cuddle.

  1. He wants novelty

Once a couple has been together for a while, they often develop a sexual routine. It’s not always a negative thing as it is usually mutually satisfying. So what’s the problem? There could be a new technique that one or both of you like but haven’t discovered yet. What to do? Mix things up a bit. If the bedroom is your primary lovemaking venue, why not steam things up in the shower?

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