5 Sex Tips For A ‘Tall-Short’ Couple

Now, rock as a couple even in bed!

5 Sex Tips For A ‘Tall-Short’ Couple

A tall-short couple may come across as one of the most cutest couples out there. Looking up and staring into his eyes, being able to rest your head on his chest and hearing his heartbeat feels extremely soothing, doesn’t it? It helps you forget all your worries just for a moment there which us the best feeling in the world. However, not everything is nice about having a taller partner. You may face innumerable problems when it comes to zeroing down on the perfect sex position. Many problems are faced due to the a stark difference in your partner’s height. Here are a few tips that might prove to be helpful for you if you and your partner are a tall-short couple.

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  • Resort To A Wedge

A wedge conveniently raises the shorter partner’s hips so that the other one can penetrate deeper. This is one of the most simplest and efficient ways to amp up the sex life of a tall-short couple.

  • The Lap Dance

Start off by giving your partner a hot lap dance that will turn him on and set him in the mood. Strip dance for him and begin tracing your fingers down his chest. Unzip his pants and blow him away to glory. Finally, sit on him and ride him back and forth. This sex position provides both the partners with infinite pleasure.

  • A Spoonful Of Pleasure

Spooning is one of the most comfortable positions for a tall-short couple. While the woman lays sideways. the man can do the same and penetrate from behind. This also gives both the partners to experience pleasure and have their own space as they don’t have to face each other.

  • Kinky Door Sex

Lean against the door and have your man face you as he penetrates you. As he thrusts in and out, you will experience multiple orgasms for sure. Kinky and fun, this position is sure to keep the carnal fire between you and your partner burning.

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  • Good Old Missionary Sex

Well, the good old missionary never goes out of style and doesn’t ever fail you when it comes to nailing the perfect sex position that offers both comfort and pleasure. It is also one of the most romantic sex position as it allows the partners to gaze into one another’s eyes and feel the love.

Practice these positions and you’re sure to have a good time in bed.

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