5 Sex Tips That Even Sexperts Use

5 Sex Tips That Even Sexperts Use

Although you might be an expertise in this field, there are chances that you might miss out some important things. Well, these tips aren’t exactly about sex, but infact what’ll help you to keep your sex life healthy and hearty! We guarantee you these are some tips that even sexperts might  be using in there own personal life and would definitely advice you the same. Read on if you want to keep thing hot and hefty in the bedroom and as well show your partner what a caring lover you are.

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1. Stay Intimate


Nothing keeps a relationship more going than having an amazing sex life. No, we definitely don’t mean here you having sex everyday, but the intimacy in a relationship is what keeps it healthy. A simple kiss on the forehead or cheeks or lips while you leave for work or hugging your partner at times would add more fuel to your relationship and definitely spark your sexual life.

2. Get Creative

Sex always doesn’t have to be in the regular way. Get a little be creative in this area, and we are sure both of you’ll love it! Get a change in the sex position (nothing daring), use lubricants or sex toys, or simply the place where you make love. Experimenting with new things will definitely spice up your sex life!

3. It’s For Both

Sex involves both of you so it’s important that you understand each other’s needs. Don’t hesitate to share with your partner your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. And if your partner is in for it, it’s a cherry on the cake!

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4. Keep The Lights On

Ain’t confident enough to make love with lights on? Well, at some point of time even one has been at these place, but trust us and give it a try at least once.Keeping the lights on will make you sex session steamier!  You will be able to see your partner’s face during the act, which takes the experience to the next level altogether.

5. Slow it down

Why hurry up to reach the climax? Just take it slow for every once in a while and you can thank us later! Foreplay is essential and the longer it goes on the better sex you have. Let your partner feel your body till he actually gets to enter you. Tease him a little and the sex after that is forsure going to feel like heaven!

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