5 Sex-Related Problems One Must Address ASAP

5 Sex-Related Problems One Must Address ASAP

Sex is an enjoyable act, no doubt about it. But there might be some instances when you feel some pain or some discomfort in your genital area. We won’t say worry not, because these problems ARE suppose to be address ASAP! Do not go for any friendly advise; consult a gynaecologist right away, in fact. Here are 5 such sex-related problems that are quite common among the masses.

Pain During Penetration

Sex-Related Problems

Pain during penetration is common during the first time, but if it keeps occurring one must consult a gynaecologist right away! There are various causes of pain. Get tested and determine the issue. Take medical treatment right. In rare occasions, the reason of such pain has been lesser elasticity of the inner walls of vagina.

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Condom Allergy.

Condom Allergy

Most of the condoms now are made of latex. Latex is a compound of various chemicals. This causes allergic symptoms in vagina in case of many women now a days. These allergic symptoms can vary from dryness to itchiness, and to extreme levels – consistent pain in the genital area of the female body.


Dryness in vagina

Dryness in vagina on normal terms is fine, but if a female’s genitals (and even male’s) are not able to produce natural lubricants during sex act, she much right away address to the issue. It might seem okay, without other symptoms, but one must determine the reason behind this problem before it turns into something serious.

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urinary tract infections

UTI stands for urinary tract infections. And this problem is very commonly found among women – the most common cause being horrible sanitation. Not many know that UTI can also be caused by unhygienic sex. The symptoms of UTI are pain while peeing, pain near genitals, and in worse cases – blood passing with urine. This infection can become fatal if not paid heed to.

Uncomfortable Sex Position

Uncomfortable Sex Position

Yes, please! Ladies (and even gentlemen who are reading this), please address and express it when you are feeling physically uncomfortable in a sex position. It might dwindle down the mood but will definitely save you from a sore joint and/or muscle.

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