5 Sex Positions That Will Help The Woman Take Charge!

5 Sex Positions That Will Help The Woman Take Charge!

While most men like to be dominating in bed, they will almost unanimously agree that once in a while being ruled over can be heavenly. The regular missionary, cowboy and doggy-style sex can get monotonous…and well tiring for the man and his manhood! So why not, recharge his energy for later and give him an indulgent carnal bonanza to remember!

Since it is more difficult for women to orgasm, having control of the movements and course of action will definitely help you maneuver the sex to give you optimum pleasure. Now, is that so bad? Here are some refreshing sex moves that will leave your man at your mercy!

Cowgirl/Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl sex position

After a tiring day, let your man rest his back on the bed as you get on top of him ready for a ride. Set the position up by straddling him. Let your knees rest on the bed on either side of his waist. For support, it will be super sexy to interlock your fingers with his as he extends his hands towards you.

You can control the speed of your movements depending on how soon you both wish to orgasm. Go up and down, back and forth, what the heck, move in circles forming an eight! Whatever you do to his steamin’ semen roadway will be loved in this pose! For Reverse cowgirl, all you need to do is sit with your back towards him. You can keep your hands on your thighs or the bed for support.

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Fast Fuck Position

Fast Fuck Position

We love morning sex but who has the time to go through with the extravagant foreplay and three thousand minutes of non-stop banging? Your cubicle awaits you and there’s lunch to be packed before you rush off on to the never-ending commute to work. Start by turning him on with a gentle ear nibble, and then move to massage his tent pole. Lean in for a kiss, but tease him before you speed things up and undress him rapidly. This will turn him on instantly and prep him for a quick session.

For a quickie, go for the Fast Fuck sex position. As the name suggests, it involves faster thrusts and in a matter of minutes, you’ll orgasm! Your man lies on his back with knees slightly bent. You need to straddle him and put your weight either on your knees or feet. It is quite similar to the cowgirl position, except that you will be leaning forward in this one.

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Man Missionary

Man Missionary Sex Position

Combine this with role play and you will have the hottest night of your life. This one is exactly like the classic missionary except that in this, you’d be on top. The remote control is in your hands—you can be as active as you like. You can be the one controlling the thrusting or let him do that job while you lower your hands and stimulate your clitoris.

To build on the dominance, pin his hands above his head, and kiss him passionately. Move to his ears and neck, kissing and biting gently. This position will heighten the feelings of romance and intimacy. When both of you are done, you can look into his eyes, linger your lips on his before collapsing in his chest. Phew!

69 and 68

69 sex

While 69 doesn’t put you in complete control, it divides it 50-50! This is a perfect pre-coitus pose as you please each other with oral sex, simultaneously. This involves you both going down on each other and having full access to your partner’s Popsicle, while he has unlimited access to your moist-maker.

68, on the other hand, focuses on pleasing one partner at a time. You will have to lie on your partner’s chest as he delights you to glory!

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