5 Sex Positions To Try When You’re Tired

When you want benefits without working too hard!

5 Sex Positions To Try When You’re Tired

Are you having one of those days when you feel too lazy or tired to do anything at all? Fatigue is natural but sex is the ultimate medication to drive all your stress and fatigue away. What’s more? You don’t need to work your way too hard to an orgasm! These positions require little or no efforts to experience pleasure and bring every inch of your body to life. Go ahead and experiment with these lazy positions when you’re feeling too tired to even breathe!

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  • Scissor Sex

Lie on your sides facing each other. Now, cross your legs against his and form a scissor. This will pave way for deep penetration. This sex position is not limited to usual push-in and pull-out sex but involves circular grinding. As your partner humps you, you’re sure to feel immense pleasure running down your mind and body.

  • Parallel Sex

Lie on your stomach with your legs spread apart and your arms stretched above your head. Make sure that your hips are raised with the help of a pillow which is to be placed below your pubic bone. Now, have your man lie on top of you facing in the same direction. Instead of the regular thrusting motion, ask your man to go for steady circular motions. This will give both of you’ll enough time to experience pleasure and delay the climax. While at it, your partner can trace his fingers along your back and plant kisses at the same time. Furthermore, he can use his tongue to make the activity kinky.

  • The Anchor

As your man sits upright with his legs extended out in the front, position yourself in a way that you hinge onto his waist with your legs. Extend your legs further behind him and balance yourself by placing holding his legs. Oo la la, your partner is going to be extremely grateful to you for that bootyful view! You’re going to be in control of the situation here. Slide up and down using his legs for leverage. This ensures deep penetration and maximum pleasure!

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  • The Dragon Rider

Lie on your stomach with your head placed on a pillow for comfort and support. Have your man kneel immediately behind your butt. Now, he needs to raise your legs and place it on his knees to make way for penetration. His hands will be busy balancing you and himself. One hand will be holding your leg on his knee and the other will be rested on your back for balance and support. Let him insert and ride you from behind. This is an extremely erotic position perfect to drive all your tiredness away!

  • Good Old Missionary Sex

Old is gold. The good old missionary position will never fail you. Brighten up a dull and tiring day by indulging in lazy missionary sex which is one of the most comfortable positions to perform for women. Lie back and have your man lie on top of you with his palms on the bed for balancing himself. Let him push in and pull out until the two of you’ll climax away to glory and bid fatigue a goodbye.

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