5 Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you may want to make things a little heated! After all, it’s the only day where you get to show some extra love and care ’cause of the obvious reasons. Well, this Valentine’s complement your dinner date with a good time in the bedroom. In fact, a fantastic sex xd isn’t that complicated as you might imagine. Just began the seduction long before you enter the bedroom to spice things up.

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Try these 5 steamy sex positions with your partner that’ll surely make your Valentine’s Day something to remember about.

1. Sorted Scissor

This side by side position is great to have some intimate sex. You and your partner lie on your sides with your heads near the others feet. Your partner slips his lower leg under your lower leg and his upper leg between your legs and his pelvis towards yours until he can penetrate you. This position gives you a great view of each other’s bodies and is perfect for some eye contact.

2. Steamy Spoon

This is a perfect position for your partner to feel your body against you and as well for some deep penetration. It’s just like your regular spooning, just that he penetrates you from behind. Be gentle and soft and try to get as much skin-on-skin contact as possible!

3. Legs On Shoulder

You lie down on your back, while your partner kneels between your legs. Place your legs on your partner’s shoulder so that he can enter you. To make this position more relaxed, your partner can go down on his elbows to be face-to-face with you. Add some pillows under your butt for deep penetration. While he penetrates you, you both can kiss, have eye contact or feel each other up. Isn’t this a great feeling?

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4. On A Missionary

No other sex position feels as great as the missionary does. It’s simple and great to do anytime. Your skin and your eye contact are the main things in this position, so it’s sure there is got to be more than enough intimacy.  Plus you have all the benefits of feeling up your partner’s body. To spice things up you can even include a blindfold or a handcuff in your sex play.

5. Soaked Up

Sure if the bedroom isn’t the place of choice you can always use the bathroom. And if there’s a bathtub in it, it’s getting better. Light some candles, play some romantic tunes and create your own little private world. You and your partner get in the tub, with your back facing your partner’s chest. Lean back on your partner’s chest and let him give you an orgasm with a sudsy hand or the spray from a detachable shower head. Take your time and just appreciate the moment, before you switch places and return him the favor.

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