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5 Sex Positions For A Tall-Short Couple

Have you faced awkward encounters with your partner during fun time all because of your height difference? Don’t let it dampen your mood. Read on for the 5 sex positions stimulating for both of you!

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  • The Stronghold Style

The easiest position of all, and yet it depends all on your man’s strength. The classic lift and hold act can help solve those height differences. Have him lift you up in his arms, as he pins you to the wall while he enters you. But the real challenge is to be able to hold that position for as long as possible. If he does get weary, you can always rest on an elevated spot to ease the process.

  • Sexy Wheelbarrow

Spice up your sex life with some more help. And by that we mean pillows! Use pillows to prop yourself up, as he enters you doggie style while standing. It mimics the wheelbarrow position but with additional height. We’re sure this position will get you both panting very soon!

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  • Right on the Edge!

Use those alterative sex seats like kitchen countertops and every elevated spot available to make up for the height difference. While you sit on the edge, he can thrust into you hitting at all your spots. It’ll help you get in some much needed kissing into this pleasure time as well!

  • Face Off!

Heights are relatively easy to manipulate. Especially in bed! This position has always been a favourite so why not upgrade it? Whilst lying down face to face with your partner, maneuver the hips to align in perfect sync to hit the right spots. If 69 is your way then, curl your body in, to work out the best spots on your partner’s body.

  • Accessorize!

Bring in sex toys or accessories into your pleasure time. A combination of sex positions and sex toys like vibrators will help both you and your partner appreciate double the pleasure. You can always engage into fun ways to stimulate your partner with sex toys or for the bold type, a hint of roleplay can only help liven the mood.

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