5 Sex Positions For A Steamy Afternoon Delight

Why wait until the middle of the night when you desire it right now! If you have some crazy sex cravings in the middle of the day, why stop yourself. Get hold of your man and whisper in his ears things you’ll want him to do to you. If in a hurry, then here are 5 positions that you can try and satisfy your urge for an afternoon delight.

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1. The Lady Boss

If you desire it, take control and rock his world! Have him lay down on his back and lie flat on top of him like you are the dude in missionary. Having your legs pressed together is great for a getting a really tight fit. This position feels really sexy and is powerful at the same time.

2. Break Time

Give you regular sex positions a little break and try this oh so amazing oral sex stuff. Loose your skirt and bend over. Have him sit on his knees and his hot mouth between your legs. Just stand there and enjoy his amazing skills and maybe you return him the favour later at night.

3. Meeting up

If you and your guy tend to have a busy schedule and are just meeting up for lunch then this quickie is sure to satisfy both of your needs. Get into the bathroom before you happen to get very close. Bend over a tabletop and have your guy behind you. Try a face-down position so that you can slip your hands down and do the job. Bend a leg up for deep penetration and the other down for a tighter fit.

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4. Sit down

If you are really in a hurry but don’t want to go before having some satisfaction, then this should definitely be your go-to sex position. Get hold of a chair or your couch and have him sit down. Hop on his lap and hold him tightly until he gets in. Go on in the same space and be badass just for some extra fun.

5. Wall Banging

What could be better than doing it standing and banding some walls? This position may seem a bit difficult than the rest, but if you master this, trust us you’ll be reaching the climax in no time. He unzips, raises your skirt and presses you against the wall for some urgent needs. Even better if he pins your arms above your head and you pull his ass closer to your legs. To mitigate height differences he can get on his knees while you squat down while you still sit back against the wall for some support.

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