5 Sex Positions For If You Like Dominance In Bed

5 Sex Positions For If You Like Dominance In Bed

There are various different ways to play around with domination in the bedroom, but to find the best position that’ll do it for you could be difficult. No, you don’t have to spend any money on props, toys, or outfits! All you need is to learn is a few safety concerns. You can have a ton of fun in these positions without them being too dominant for you to handle.

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Here are 5 different positions that are best if you like some dominance in bed.

1. Doggy Style

It’s raw, it’s wild, it’s animalistic, it’s passionate and it’s intense. There is no position like this one where you can be submissive as well as enjoy the ride without giving in much. Get on your fours and have your partner kneel behind you, and penetrate you from the back. Stay still and let him have full control of the movement. He can hold onto your hips for leverage, or even pull your body back  for deep penetration.

2. Lowered Doggo

Just like doggy style, but your face down and ass up type. Lower yourself down onto your elbows instead of being on all your fours. You can either go face down into the sheets, or rest your head on either one of your cheeks. He then gets on behind you to enter from the back. This position is hot enough to have it’s own session apart from doggy style.

3. The V

This can be a physically straining and vulnerable position for you, but you are sure to enjoy if into domination. You’ll feel completely powerless and pinned down since you are on his mercy. Have him sit in front of you and then stretch your legs up and rest your heels on his shoulders. He will then lean forward, resting his weight on his hands. Your legs will get pushed back towards your head so that he can enter you.

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4. Hands Tied

You’ll need a surface waist-high for this position, like a table or a high bed. Stand up and rest the top half of your body over the surface. Your guy enters you from behind and grabs your arms and holds them behind your back, like you are being arrested. He’s got you pinned between his body and the table and has total control over you!

5. Missionary

Having his body weight all over you is in itself dominant. Start it just like missionary. Have him sit up on his heels and then put your legs in the air and have him grab onto one ankle with each hand. He should pull your legs away from each other. Your most intimate parts are on total display, which can be insanely hot!

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