5 Sex Positions To Help You Burn Maximum Calories

Go on, you're burning calories!

5 Sex Positions To Help You Burn Maximum Calories

It has been scientifically proven that having sex helps you burn calories. Hence, it gives you all the more reason to have an increased indulgence in the same. There is no reason to feel guilty about having too much sex unless of course, you’re cheating on your partner. If not, remain guilt free and enjoy your sex life. It may just aid you in losing a little bit of weight! Here are 5 sex positions to burn maximum calories.

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  • Missionary

How can the age-old missionary position fail anyone? Not only is it one of the most intimate and romantic positions but also is capable of providing both, the man and woman with equal pleasure. What’s more? It’s one of the most comfortable positions for sex. This position burns as many as 40 calories for a woman and 120 calories for a man in a single session of sex.

  • Doggie Style

One of the most kinkiest position to experience pleasure in, doggie style is known to amp up the fun quotient in the game of sex. This position offers umpteen pleasure and also paves way for spanking. While the woman has to balance herself on her hands and knees, the man is the one who has to push in and pull out from behind. It burns 80 calories for a woman while 120 for a man in a single session.

  • Reverse Cowgirl

This position is great for the woman to take control of the level of penetration. As the woman sits on top of the man, facing in the same direction as him, it becomes absolutely easy for her to move back and forth, up and down which is sure to stimulate both her as well as his genitals. The woman burns 100 calories and the man burns 40 since major part of the activity is controlled by her.

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  • Lotus

This is a great position to have intimate sex. Both the partners sit facing each other and feel comfortable and close in one another’s arms. As the woman sits on her man’s lap, he penetrates into her and pushes in and out at a steady rhythm. The woman too can move back and forth to make the session smoother. The couple can indulge in a passionate kiss and look into each other’s eyes. Whispering sweet nothings will only make you two feel closer. This position helps the man burn 40 calories and the woman, 100.

  • Standing

This position is the winner when it comes to burning calories. It helps the man burn as many as a whopping 500 calories and the woman, around 100-150 calories. The standing position requires extra efforts to balance yourself and see to it that your partner doesn’t lose balance. It’s a bold and daunting yet extremely exciting position to try!

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