5 Sex Positions To Begin Your New Year’s Hot And Hefty

5 Sex Positions To Begin Your New Year’s Hot And Hefty

If you have a favourite position and have been wanting to try it out, then New Year’s is the best time to do it. Cause New Year’s new beginnings! It’s the time to go a bit mental and try something adventurous but make sure you don’t end up with any kind of injuries. So here are the 5 best positions to ring in 2018 with all guns blazing.

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1. Spooning

This is definitely a slow and steady position to begin with but surely an enjoyable one. You might have done it cuddling but to make it even sexier start with guiding your partner inside you. You can whisper sexy things in his ears that’ll totally turn him on. Move your top leg to accommodate and maybe adjust a few times to get it right.

2. Side by Side

Lay facing each other and warp your top leg around his thigh. Adjust yourself and help your partner by guiding him inside you until you find the right fit. It’s got a slightly edgier feeling than spooning but also you’ll be able to last forever, so enjoy your night!

3. Doggy

If doggy style is your favourite but both of you are tried to do it, try this modified style. Transfer your weigh down to your elbows and let him come on top of you. You can even use a pillow underneath you so he can easily access your g-spot. This is just so intense that you might kind of collapse due to the modification.

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4. Butterfly

Lie down on the edge of the bed and raise your legs onto your partner’s shoulders. Then lift your hips a little so that your partner could enter you comfortably. If it feels a bit precarious, then you can place a pillow underneath. It’s really sexy and if you leave the lights on you both have an amazing view.

5. The Bridge

You start just like missionary but instead, you’ll have him sit back. Raise up while you use your feet for traction and raise your butt with them. You partner can really thrust in this position as you are lifting your hips. You can help control the penetration and plus there is g-spot and clitoris access.

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