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5 Sex Games Couples Can Try For A Night Full Of Fun

In every couple’s life, there comes a point when they begin to feel that the magic is disappearing and the spark between them has died out. However, it is possible to reignite the fire by incorporating a few fun-filled sessions in your bedroom. Here are a few of them.

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  • Pillow Fights


However juvenile it may seem, pillow fights never fail to get the couple physically closer and perk up the mood. A cheerful couple will enjoy each other’s company which may lead to better sex.

  • Handcuffs


For many, the idea of being tied up, helplessly waiting in anticipation as to what their partner would do to them is arousing. You could take turns and up your game of foreplay with these handcuffs.

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  • Blindfolds


Not only handcuffs but also blindfolds build the intensity to sexual pleasure. Exceptionally kinky, the practice of blindfolding increases the curiosity of what to expect next as your partner ravishes your body and makes every inch of you crave for more and moan with pleasure. You could return your partner the favour by blindfolding him and working your way on him.

  • Begin With Foreplay An Hour Prior To Sex


While sex is really good and an out of the world experience, couples tend to jump straight to the activity. They forget to heat up things and imbibe the aspect of passion in their session. Waiting it out is only going to make your sex more exciting and better. An hour of role play or anything else which would make way for sex, will make things more fun and every second of your sexual intercourse would be worth the wait. Set a timer or an alarm and ensure that there is no penetration at all till the time elapses.

  • Strip Poker


One of the most common games which is known to prepare the couple for a sexual frenzy as each of them strips before the other slowly, garment by garment, is strip poker The wait to reach the point where either of them is fully undressed contributes to the lust and yearning each other’s touch. Trust me girls, your man is going to go crazy with impatience while seeing you strip down and sit there naked in front of him.

Experiment with any of the above and be sure of having a steamy session of sex which would send the two of you to a pleasure land that is difficult to return from!

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