5 Sex Conversations Every Couple Must Have

5 Sex Conversations Every Couple Must Have

Talking is the key in every relationship and couples who discuss their sex life with each are are found to be 10 time more happier than others. Well this isn’t dirty talking we are talking about, but in fact about serious sex conversations! Here are 5 sex conversations that you should probably have with your partner for a fun, comfortable and a fulfilling sex life.

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1. Boundaries

Everyone has some or the other boundaries and the same applies for your sex life as well. Something may seem cool to try but don’t push your boundaries too much just to please your partner!

2. Comfort

We aren’t saying not to experiment, but not at the cost of your comfort. It’s important that you and your partner are comfortable between sheets. Talk to your partner about what you are comfortable with and as well what feels awkward.

3. Willingness


It isn’t necessary that you always have to be willing to try what may seem like a great idea to your partner. This even comes down to day when you are feeling the same as your partners does and sometimes you aren’t. Both of you rather understand each other’s willingness rather than getting offended.

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4. Fantasies

Every one has some or the other sex fantasies and getting that fantasy fulfilled might be like a dream come true for some. Its a good idea to discuss your fantasies beforehand to know if your partner is OK with them.

5. Past History

You would want to give him the graphic details but it’s important that your partner is aware about your sexual history like if you have been with multiple partners of got pregnant. It might come as a shock to him if he later founds out something important and this can as well cause a drift in your relationship.

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