5 Sensuous Kisses That Will Make Your Partner Swoon

How about bringing that spice back in your not so rocking relationship? Kiss him in the following ways to keep things exciting.

Eskimo Kiss: If you don’t want to get too physical, give each other an Eskimo kiss. An Eskimo kiss is when you and your partner rub your noses together. It will also come across as a sweet gesture.

French Kiss: Instead of basking in a sweet little-closed lip kiss, part your lips and let your tongue get in on the action. As long as both of you are comfortable, have fun!

Flavoured Kiss: Suck on some ice, or chew some gum before you kiss your partner. Your mouth will have a certain flavour once you’re done, creating a nice sensation for the both of you. Just make sure you spit the item out before you start on the kiss.

Teasing Kiss: Kiss your partner a bit, and then pull away. It’ll leave him wanting more, so he will come kissing again. When he does this,  playfully keep yourself out of his reach. Just make sure he realises that is meant to tease him and is not giving out the message that you want to have to do nothing with him at that moment.

Biting Kiss: When you’re about to pull away from a kiss, gently bite your partner’s lip. Just make sure you don’t get too rough, and end up hurting them.


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