5 Secret Health Benefits of Orgasms

5 Secret Health Benefits of Orgasms

Having sex is good. But it’ll be even better when you find out about these not so obvious health benefits of sexual pleasures! When you orgasm your whole body is on another happy level. Here are some pros of why you should embrace and enjoy that orgasm for the sake of your health.

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Boosts Immunity


Health Benefits of Orgasms

A great way of boosting your immunity, orgasming! Having sex and reaching the pleasure points helps increase blood flow and boosts your immunity up to 30% more. Orgasming once or twice a week is enough to keep you healthy and happier.

Regular Periods

Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms help regulate your periods. Having sex in your non-period weeks indicates a body change to accommodate your regular cycles. Orgasms and masturbation help you relieve menstrual cramps and period pains. It also increases your blood flow thus aiding in flushing out your body faster and in fewer days.

Live Longer

Orgasms Benefits

Studies show that having regular orgasms helps you live longer. How? With all that blood flowing in the right places, it keeps you fitter and healthier. Sex does count as exercise in the right positions. Orgasms also relieve stress and tension from your body. Thus the lower the stress levels, the longer you’ll live. It also makes you happier in general so keeps your mood good thus decreased stress levels.

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Lose Weight

Health Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms can also help you lose weight! Shocking but true, regular orgasms and sexual intercourse will lower your health risk levels such as heart diseases and mental health. A good orgasm will supply the needed blood and nutrients that will produce the happy hormones keeping your stress levels lowered.

Lower Pain Levels


You aren’t going to orgasms every time you have sex. That’s a fact. Spicy foods actually increase your pain taking levels. Orgasms in general release a feel-good hormone that overrides the feeling of small doses of pain. So the more you orgasm, the more your pain thresholds increase.

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