5 Science Backed Weight-Loss Tips

Backed by science, these measures are sure to help you in your weight-loss regime.

5 Science Backed Weight-Loss Tips

In an attempt to shed those extra calories more often than not, we end up falling sick and having blackouts. Dieting is not doing away with food but is eating the right kind of food. Here are a few science-backed weight-loss tips which would help you lose weight in the correct way.

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  • Cut Down On Added Sugar Intake


Science has proven that excess sugar consumption is linked to development of diseases like obesity and diabetes. Sugar hoards tremendous calories which are not needed by the body at all. It also leads to several heart diseases. Thus, it is important to cut down on added sugar consumption. Eat fruits instead that provide natural sugar, a much healthier option.

  • Eat Whole Food

whole foods

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables make you feel fuller sooner than cooked food. They are rich in fibre, vitamins and nutrients which aid in weight-loss. Avoid fried food. Instead of reducing your appetite, start eating a filling healthy meal.

  • Drink Tons Of Water


While fruit juices are exceptionally healthy,they cannot replace water. Water enhances the metabolism rates within a span of merely 2 hours which aids in burning of calories. Fruit juices spike insulin levels if consumed excessively. Drink tons of water to shed those extra kilos.

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  • Imbibe The Colour Blue While Eating


Hard to believe but research has proven that the colour blue has the ability of suppressing one’s appetite thus, it ensures that you end up eating just as much as required by the body and not more. Replace all your cutlery with blue spoons, plates, bowls, glasses and forks to see the difference!

  • Exercise In Company

Family exercising together

It is always beneficial to exercise together as it keeps you pumped up and motivated. Sharing tips and competing becomes helpful in keeping the pace and following a like-minded weight-loss mantra.

Follow these steps and they will not fail you. Grow slim with science by your side!

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