5 Romantic Ways To Make Up After A Fight

Had a huge fight with your partner? Here's how you can get your relationship back on track!

5 Romantic Ways To Make Up After A Fight

There is no such thing as ‘Perfect Couples’. No matter how close and in love you are with your partner, you will definitely end up arguing over some or the other thing. And it’s absolutely okay to argue, but the way you behave after a fight is what causes the real and bigger problems in a relationship. Post a fight, couples bring their big fat egos, the selfish attitude which takes away the love and care for each other. So, we have got some very simple and effective ways to come back together despite having an ugly fight.

Relive the old moments:

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Heated arguments in a relationship are common but often, these small, silly fights lead to the downfall of a relationship. Well, there is nothing bad about having a fight as it is always healthy to express opinions. But the issue is when you stop making an effort to make up after having a fight. And trust us, you don’t always need to shell money from your pocket to mend the differences. In fact, all you need is to remind your partner about the old romantic moments, forgotten promises and endless love for each other. For instance, recreate one of your memorable dates, go through your old lovely photographs and feel the love.

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Love-letters over SMS:


For some, it’s boring and over-the-top but nothing can take away the feel and romanticism of a hand-written love letter. Chocolates, flowers and sorry SMSs are the same old tricks which your partner is aware of and after a big ugly fight, they expect more than just materialistic things. And if you truly love your partner, then it’s all about going an extra mile to bring a smile and make them happy. Bring the sparks and romance back by penning down your emotions and love on a paper and see your love-life blooming.

Keep the communication on:

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Indeed it is rightly said, communication is the key to a strong and successful relationship. Often, it also becomes one of the most difficult things to do, especially after an argument. It is natural to feel angry, unhappy and low after a fight and the best option seems to be ‘to stop talking’. Hope you have got our next most crucial point by now! Yes, people, we understand that it’s hard but relationships were never meant to be easy. But no matter what, don’t stop talking rather express your feelings, disappointments, and expectations and you shall see that all your relationship needed were a heart-to-heart conversation.

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Look for ways to spend time together: 

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We live in a digitalisation era where despite being in the same room and sitting next to each other, we are busy chatting with a person who is miles away. Our lives literally run on 4G speed and despite good network, it seems that we have lost touch with each other. While we are so engrossed in our careers and ourselves, we forget to invest time in making our relationship stronger. Making money and fulfilling your dreams is significant but working on your relationship is equally important and the first time is to spend quality time. It could be watching movies together, meeting after office hours and going for grocery shopping together.

Shower your love with hugs and kisses:

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No matter how much we boast of being independent and strong, we all crave for that physical touch and affection. So, don’t shy away from giving your partner a peck on the cheeks or a tight hug. Sometimes, you don’t need words or sorry saga, but all your lover needs are your undivided attention and love. If they are angry or upset, an affectionate and tight hug and the sensuous kiss can fix everything. Be ready to give the kiss of love!

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