5 Most Romantic Destinations To Escape With Your Beau

When only something special will do - great ideas for romantic breaks around the world. We urge you to consider these five lovely destinations.

5 Most Romantic Destinations To Escape With Your Beau

Havelock Island— Explore Marine World with Your Merlion: 
If running away from the mainland to a secluded island is your idea of a getaway, then Havelock Island in the Andamans is where you should be headed. Havelock is known for its gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters and aquatic sports. Go deep-sea walking or scuba-diving with your sweetheart and experience one of Asia’s most beautiful coral reefs. Walk endlessly on the expansive virgin beaches with a tranquil background score of oceanic waves. Wish to just laze around? Then just relax on your resort’s private beach, sip some fresh coconut water, gorge on exotic seafood and admire the beauty of this coastal paradise.

Coorg—Coffee Date in Coffee Estate: Together you would have been on countless Starbucks dates. This time around how about going on a coffee date amidst coffee plantations at one of the finest coffee estates in Karnataka? Take a guided tour of plantations, learn about the history and art of your favourite beverage, witness the complete journey of coffee—from the seeds to the packaged powder. If you are a coffee addict then you should consider staying in the lush-green estates surrounded by the beautiful aroma of coffee.

Nasik—Waka Waka in The Indian Napa: Escape the bustling metro cities for a weekend of breezy sunsets, hilly landscapes, delicious kebabs and rich Indian Cabernet at Nasik, Maharashtra. The Napa Valley of India is famous for its wine industry and the SulaFest that happens in the month of February. You can catch a mix of celebrated national and international artists with tonnes of great food, fun, frolic and flea markets. The fest also provides camping facilities and if you don’t want to camp, then you have lovely hotels to choose from—all located less than 30-45 minutes from the vineyards. Alternately, you can simply relax in the open meadows with a glass of your favourite wine accompanied with cheese and crackers.

Udaipur—City of Palaces for Your Majesty: Because the queen of his heart deserves a royal pampering every once in a while. Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, this city of Rajasthan is all about opulence. It would be criminal to visit Udaipur and not stay at The Lake Palace, famously known as ‘Venice of the East’. Set on the Lake Pichola island this majestic palace is now converted into a pyaazhotel. If that’s not enough for a reason, the palace also appeared in a James Bond movie. Bond settles for nothing but the best, just saying.  Many a time, the best way to experience a city is on foot or on a bicycle. So take a bicycle ride through the back streets of the old city and tour the City of Lakes, Palaces, Forts, Gardens and Temples.

Rishikesh—Find Answers to Life’s Questions, Together: If you’re a couple who is keen on seeking answers to life’s questions or wanting to engage in some high octane adrenaline pumping adventure sports, then Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is a perfect choice. Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the banks of river Ganga, the city is renowned as the centre for studying yoga and meditation. You can enrol for a short course in an ashram and learn yogic kriyasin an environment conducive to develop the spiritual being within. If that doesn’t satisfy your thirst for adventure then how about jumping from a height of more than 80 metres above the ground, feeling your heart in your mouth as you set yourself free? Yes, we’re talking about bungee jumping! Is Superman —Wonderwoman your favourite superhero couple? Then you can get a taste of their high-flying life with Flying Fox. With a harness fastened around you, you roll down with the wire up to seven metres from the ground at a high speed of more than a hundred kilometres and then go back up, exciting all the way.


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