5 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex

Why is it that only men are the ones to initiate sex all the time? Is is beacuse of some kind of unsaid rule? No, right? So let’s change these regular norms by being the ones to initiate sex! On one hand, we talk of equality and on the other, we fret to take lead in bed! Well, don’t you think it would come as a good surprise for your man and plus it’ll spice things a bit?  If still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should be the one to initiate sex when next time in bed!


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1.  He’ll Know You Too Are Crazy About Him


It is super important for you partner to feel and know that he fulfills your every need, emotionally and physically. He also needs to know that the physical affection of your relationship isn’t just one sided! Your partner shouldn’t feel like he is always the one asking for, begging for, or constantly sending the message that he wants to have sex. All he wants is you and when you show him that you want to be physically intimate with him, it will let him know, in a very obvious way, that he excites you.

2. Sex Will Become Important To You As It Is To Him


One of the obvious ways for couples to express love is by having sex together! Right now, sex might be something that you enjoy, but not something you think a lot about or need that often. However, when you understand it is an opportunity for you to express love to your partner, it becomes more important to you too. Plus, the more you choose to initiate physical intimacy, the more enjoyable, fun and fulfilling it will be for you and not just for your partner!

3. It’ll Fulfill Both Of Your Needs


Being intimate is enjoyable, fun, and meaningful! When you make an effort to initiate and be completely engaged, sex becomes a much more positive and fulfilling experience for the both of you. As you and your husband both realize that you are becoming invested in that physical connection, it will send a message that you both care deeply about each other, want to help each other and want to enjoy being together.

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4. You Get To Beat Him In His Game


If your partner is the one, always making the advances on you, beat him in his on game! You take the lead and make advances on your partner. Make an effort to beat him to it on a regular basis, maybe? You can as well keep score on it!

5. Great To Surprise Him


Running out of ideas to surprise him? Get ready. Get in the mood. Prep yourself up a bit, like in a fancy lingerie or a charater he fantasizes about. Turn on some music. Smell nice. And be involved the whole time! Make this an experience about loving your partner and meeting his needs, and you are sure to get back the favour in return! Sure this will put him in shock!

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