5 Benefits Of Exfoliating Everyday During Winters

Exfoliate everyday during cold and dry winters. Read on to know why...

5 Benefits Of Exfoliating Everyday During Winters

In the cold and dry weather of winter season, our skin becomes more sensitive, darkens and loses its natural glow. You might apply layers and layers of moisturisers to cope up with the dryness, not knowing whether whatever skincare regime you are doing is right or not. The most important skincare activity miss out with is exfoliating our skin during winter. In fact, in the winter season, one must exfoliate everyday because of the following 5 reasons:

Removes Dry And Dead Skin


Cold and dry winter weather makes your skin super dry. This results in more and more accumulation of dead skin cells. This makes the skin look absolute dark, dull and dry. Exfoliating removes these dead skin cells and make way for the active skin cells to absorb nutrients from the moisturisers you apply. The amount of drying of skin cells is much larger during winter season; therefore, exfoliate everyday. Use gentle and organic exfoliators for everyday usage.

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Fight Free Radicals

Free Radicals

Free radicals are the reason behind wrinkling and ageing of skin. Naturally, free radicals develop more and more as your grow, but exfoliating your skin on regular basis curbs down these free radicals. You skin will look supple and young. Use a caffeine-based exfoliator since caffeine is the best natural substance to fight free radicals.

Natural Glow

mechanical motions

The mechanical motions of scrubbing your skin not only remove the dead skin cells but also recharge your facial nerves and regulate blood circulation to your face. This directly results in achieving an amazing natural glow. Opt for homemade scrub of turmeric, honey, sugar, coarsely ground coffee powder, fresh milk cream, ghee or virgin coconut oil.

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Soft And Supple Skin

natural moisuturiser

As mentioned earlier exfoliating results in regulation of blood circulation, recharging of facial nerves, scrubbing off of dead skin cells, etc. This all results in soft and supple skin. Pat-dry your skin and apply a thin coat of natural moisuturiser such as virgin coconut oil, ghee, etc. right after that. Massage for a couple of minutes. You skin will become baby soft and supple instantly.

Improves Effectiveness Of Moisturisers


Once the of dead skin cells is removed, your skin will be able to absorb moisturiser more effectively, since the dead cells and dirt blocks the moisturisers from the layers of active skin cells. This can be achieved only by exfoliating on regular basis.

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