5 Reasons You Are Still Single

Time for self-restrospection!

5 Reasons You Are Still Single

While there might be those of you who are happily single, there are others who wish to get into a relationship but fail every time they get anywhere close to one. However, it goes without saying that there are brutal truths about you that are coming in the middle of you and a relationship. Here are a few.

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  • You’re fussy

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Get this straight, nobody is perfect. You have to get rid of the notion of finding a perfect man. Everyone comes with a baggage, a past and their positives as well as negatives. If a person makes you happy, you need to embrace him/her with his/her drawbacks.

  • You shut yourself down

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Yes, we all go through bad relationships but a few bad experiences should not be the reason for you to stop believing in finding the right person. The relationships which did not work out are just lessons for you to learn in order to stop repeating the same mistakes again. They help you grow. Staying single is fine but keep your heart open and you never know, the right person might just bump into you! What’s more? Don’t shut yourself down because of personal problems. Someone might even help you sail through a bad phase if you are going through one all by yourself.

  • You are confused


This is an absolutely common phase which most individuals go through. You know when you like someone but are confused about taking a step further into a serious relationship. It’s when you have other important priorities in life like work and family commitments and feel that there is no time for love.Well, tick tock, tick tock. The clock is ticking and nobody is going to wait for you forever. Make sure that you don’t lose out on someone who loved you truly as you would only regret it later and it’d be too late by then.

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  • You’re impatient

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There are two kinds of impatient people; those who are afraid of commitment and those who end up passing a judgement too soon. Take enough time to get to know someone and then decide on whether you would like to stick around or consider other options. Furthermore, if you’re impatient to get into a relationship, your over-enthusiasm could drive the other person away.

  • You’re mean


People hate those who are nasty to them. Nobody needs a mean girl in their life, neither do they need her drama. Learn to be nice and respect your partner and his loved ones. Love him, treat him specially to receive similar treatment in return. Moreover, if someone is pampering you, accept it if you like that person or be brutally honest and tell them that you do not have feelings for him. This will help him move on. One of the most possible reasons you’re yet single is because you might not come across as a great person. Focus on self-improvement and analysis.

If you work on all the mentioned negatives, rest assured to find someone sooner or later. You will fins someone when you have to, just keep faith and an open heart!

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