5 Reasons Why Shower Sex Is The Worst

5 Reasons Why Shower Sex Is The Worst

Have you ever tried having sex in the shower? No, not just making out in the steamy hot room, with the warm water gently caressing your backs! We aren’t talking about indulging in a nice long bath with your other half and Frenching for an hour. What we are discussing here, is intercourse in a slippery place. If you have tried it, you probably think it’s just you who couldn’t go through with it. Because the world has been raving about how hot shower sex is, you believe something is wrong with you. Fret not, here are 5 reasons why you are absolutely right and shower sex full of crap!

1. You will fall. Duh.

When you are having sex on the bed, how many times have you bumped your head on the headboard? Now imagine, performing these very difficult tasks on a slippery surface. One fall can leave your bones shattered. If you still wish to go for it, we hope the sex was worth it.

2. How will the height match?

Speaking of the sex, is it even possible to have a great session in the shower? How do you even balance the height difference between your sex organs?

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3. One of you will be cold

Now unless you can afford to live in an apartment with a humungous rain shower, this kinda sex isn’t for you. In the minuscule space a regular shower covers, only one of you will be able to stand under the water. Constantly changing positions is neither smooth nor romantic. Plus, so much time is wasted in just trying to not feel cold.

4. Standing sex is horrible

Now you may be really good at having sex in a standing position, but speaking for the masses, most people aren’t! He will have to lift you and for how long can you stay in that position? What will you even lean against? Everything is wet and this is where you would be reminded of point 1.

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5. Because life shouldn’t be so difficult

Sex is supposed to fun, exhilarating, and soothing! It shouldn’t be about taking so much pain to just put one thing inside another. Leave all the stunts to your aerobics class.

What should you do instead? Shower together, for real. Kiss in-between hair washes. Soap each other’s back. Dry yourself, get out of the shower and have passionate sex on the bed or couch or anywhere non-slippery!

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