5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take A Relationship Break

Break is not the solution.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take A Relationship Break

You fall in love hoping for a fairytale. And it feels like one at the onset of the relationship, but as you get deeper into it, the rose tint gives way to a gray perspective. It is only after the first fight that you realise how much the other person means to you because staying angry with them hurts you like hell. Making up is even better and paves way for steamier romance. But then, you get sucked into a cycle of same issues that fail to get resolved. And when you feel you have the last nerve left, you flip out and decide to go on a break. But is it really a good idea? Here are 5 reasons it’s actually not.

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  • Breaks are undefined

When people take breaks, there is no guarantee they will get back together. You don’t know for sure, whether you will be apart for weeks or months or forever. The fate of your relationship remains uncertain, and that always bothers the most.

  • They can date other people

A Quora user wrote, “Breaks tend to leave scars that do not heal. Always weigh your actions against the consequences they might leave.” And indeed it is true! Learn from Ross and Rachel if you must. Even if one person dates or hooks up with other people in the break, and reconciles sooner than expected, it can make things even more complicated.

  • Long term deal breakers vs temporary irritants

Very often, what seems like big problems are nothing but minor issues that can be resolved or avoided. We have to realise that nobody is perfect and no relationship will ever be devoid of any issues. Often, we are dealing with our own frustrations and tend to let it all out on that one person without realising. You need to sit back and analyse whether losing this person over something trivial is worth it?

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  • Ignoring a problem won’t fix it

Even if you do get back together, feeling motivated again, you will soon face disappointment. The reason being that the problems where never resolved and you are basically starting off from where you left. A quora user wrote, “You can avoid situations that cause added tension and perhaps limit the number of times you see one another in a given week. However, taking a break is merely one person’s way of obtaining a “get out of jail free” card.”

  • Are you just delaying a breakup?

“With my first long term girlfriend, we took a break, a few of them actually. It was good to get that time away. We ended up together for 5 years. But I wish I would have broke things off earlier.” – A Quora user.

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