5 Reasons Why Having Sex Maybe Painful And What To Do About It

Don't you worry. There will be a solution to make the pain go away!

5 Reasons Why Having Sex Maybe Painful And What To Do About It


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  • Lack Of Lubrication

When a woman is under a lot of stress, she tends to lubricate lesser than usual. Vaginal dryness is a common problem and the solution to this problem is pretty simple. One needs to use a lotion or lubricant if she is unable to self-lubricate.

  • Yeast Infection

Caused majorly because of hormonal imbalance and sometimes even as a result of irritation and allergies from certain soaps, yeast infections tend to make the skin in your genital areas itch. The constant friction of your man’s penis against the skin may be the reason behind the pain caused while having sex. Visit a gynecologist and consume prescribed medicines. Apply a cooling gel on the affected areas.

  • When Your Partner Is Thrusting Into Your Cervix

More often than not, men tend to go a little hard while indulging in sexual activity. Your man may be touching your cervical areas while thrusting his penis into your vagina. While some may find this pleasurable, some only experience pain out of it.

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  • Vaginismus

This is when the muscles around the pelvic and vaginal areas contract while having sex. These muscles are supposed to stay relaxed when indulging in sex. It is a protective mechanism performed by the body and tends to take place in the primary stages when sex is new to it. Once the body is accustomed to having sex, the frequency of vaginismus will decrease eventually.

  • Urinary Tract Infection

When a person is suffering from UTI, the bladder area is affected with bacteria which causes inflammation; a burning sensation. Thus, having sex may cause pain due to the friction between the sensitive skin penis.

If the pain gets overbearing, make sure that you pay a visit to a gynecologist and get yourself checked. It’s always better to cure something before it gets worse!

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