5 Reasons That Should NOT Stop You From Having Sex

Because sex is just too good!

5 Reasons That Should NOT Stop You From Having Sex

Sex is an extremely fun, passionate and pleasurable activity. Despite this many partners tend to push away from the idea of indulging in regular sex. For some, it may be back to back long and tiring days at work while for some it may just be the urge to sit back and relax on their sofa to binge watch a TV series. What people don’t realise is that sex is good for the mind as well as body. It helps your body relax and make you feel all happy due to the hormones that are sent across to your brain. Stop making these excuses right away to avoid having sex!

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  •  Being tired

If anything, sex is only going to kick you into bed and gain you a peaceful sleep. As mentioned above, Sex sends out happy hormones to your brain which efficiently reduce stress.

  • I just don’t have enough time

If one can find the time to eat food in order to keep himself/herself alive, it isn’t difficult to steal away a few minutes of your precious time for sexual indulgence. Not only will it make you feel refreshed but also a lot more efficient at your work. Sexual satisfaction renders to a smoother functioning of your mind.

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  • I am not in the mood

This is no reason to disappoint your partner for such an invalid reason. It only makes sense to say yes to sex if you have nothing important to do as it will cheer you up and make you feel better. Nothing feels better than gaining sexual pleasure on an otherwise dull day.

  • It feels like the spark has been lost

Then, get it back! It is your duty to reignite the fire. Experiment with role play or plan a special night for your partner. Sitting idle isn’t going to help either of you get the spark back.

  • Periods

While some men may not prefer having sex with a woman when she is on her period, there are others who do not mind. Being the woman, do not refrain from sex as a result of period pain and cramps. It has been scientifically proven that women experience more pleasure when they are on their period. Sex also curbs period pain.

Thus, go ahead and have some fun! Blow life back into your sexual life!

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