5 Reasons You Must Switch To Green Coffee

Healthy cousin of your favourite beverage!

5 Reasons You Must Switch To Green Coffee

Coffee is a delicious drink that we consume daily. It helps wake us up, strike amazing conversations and feel charged. However, drinking excess coffee is not good for health. Roasting burns out the antioxidants in coffee, so if you consume unroasted version of this beverage, it will be beneficial for us. This is green coffee for you. Here are 5 health benefits that will make you get another cuppa!

Antioxidants galore

Green Coffee’s percentage of antioxidants is even greater than green tea. These antioxidants take care of the overall health of the body.


It aids weight loss by reducing the excess fat and calories in our body and shoots up the metabolism. It contains Kelp, a seaweed that is present in essential vitamins and minerals which help to do that.

Reduces bad cholesterol

Bad Cholesterol is the main reason for cardiac issues but regular ingestion of green coffee makes sure that the cholesterol level is reduced.


The unroasted coffee retains a high amount of nutrients that aids slowing down ageing process and keeps your skin feeling youthful.

Hair repair

It reduces hair fall and helps in hair growth. If you are troubled with a receding hairline, then green coffee should be your new best friend.

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