5 Reasons Morning Sex Is The Best Damn Thing

Can I have some sex on the toast?

5 Reasons Morning Sex Is The Best Damn Thing

You’ve probably figured by now that men get excited even at the mere mention of “morning sex”. It seems like they are naturally equipped to pitch their tents at daybreak. However, what you are not aware of is that your body too is all set to experience the best of orgasm.

Women are biologically designed to be pumped up in the morning, as per a study from Harvard University. While the classic, almost presumed time to have sex is night before dosing off, nature infact suggests otherwise. Nature supports it, men desire it, our bodies seek it – and then why do women fight the urge?

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The otherwise primed ladies do not feel confident about how they look right after waking up. They are concerned about breath odour and fall right into the libido-busting trap of work emails and pending work. Or they feel they just do not have enough time to have good sex. Here are 5 reasons to have sex in the morning.

1) Bonding for couple

At night, we are bogged down with work and other worries. Morning sex is free from trivialities, priorities or having to shower before doing it. You will also feel the closeness all day long.

2) Because who wouldn’t want to wake up to a cup of coffee sex

Why wouldn’t anyone want to rise to some loving and canoodling? Your partner’s kisses planted on your neck, your hands caressing each other’s bodies while the whole world is rushing through life is the most beautiful thing there is.

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3) He will be last longer

Your man has rested well and has testosterone levels at the maximum. He will be hornier and stay that way longer. Instead of doing a quickie, he will be more energised for foreplay and you can expect a

4) It will make you productive

Waking up to sex definitely makes you leaving fresh. As per a study, coitus wakes up your brain better than caffeine. It will lead to better focus and productivity at work.

5) It will boost your immune system

According to research, morning sex can shoots up your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection.

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