5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

If you are in a fix and don’t know where to start with the wedding preparations, then a wedding planner is just the person you need to rescue you from all the worries.

Today, an increasing number of couples are preferring an out-of-the-box approach over the old-school way of planning and organising weddings. Is your style a combination of tradition and contemporary or totally quirky? Enter, the wedding planner! That’s a different ball game altogether involving tons of planning, decision-making and stress when you would much rather get prepped, primped and pampered for your big day.

Leave it to the experts

It is in the job description of a wedding planner to keep abreast with countless ideas and trends in destinations, venues, décor, menus, rituals, guest interactions, songs, choreography. Hence, a seasoned wedding planner will know that not all ideas work. They will be able to distinguish between the mundane and the magnificent and envision the synergy that different elements of a concept could create. This will prod you in the right direction.


Gone are the days when one saw an elderly gentleman in a safari suit and a man-purse under his arm pass himself off as a wedding planner. With due respect, he may have handled the catering and decorations but no new ideas were offered. Today’s planners are in the profession for their passion for producing stunning events and creating long-lasting memories for the bridal couple. It is as much a dream for them as it is for the couple and their families. They come with a database of information, knowledge, templates, ideas, and recommendations and have all the SOP’s in place from the time you select your destination to the time your guests depart. With various aspects such as hospitality, logistics, production, décor, entertainment, food and more, you need certain processes and guidelines in place to make sure the event is seamless and smooth.

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A stress-free you

Brides-to-be, do you really want to enter bridezilla territory? By being obsessive and intolerably demanding about your wedding arrangements, you are not doing yourself any favours! Family, friends and especially the groom would not like to see this side of you! Let a professional handle the stress and you worry about which pre-wedding photos to upload on social media. By getting involved in every minute detail you will let the most monumental moment of your life pass you by in a flurry of decision making, anxiety, and stress.

Let’s stick to the budget

At the crux of wedding planning lies an ability to create events with pizzazz within the specified budget. For those of you who tend to go overboard with the budget, a wedding planner will ensure that the purse strings are tightly held whether they bring in native cooks from villages to a foreign location or adapt Peter Callahan’s food miniaturisation to Indian cuisine.

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Turning vision into reality

Whether it is getting married in the backdrop of a world heritage site, at a spectacular beach with azure blue water or an Arabian night themed wedding with a belly dancer to boot, it’s all about turning your vision into reality. Weddings arrangements are nothing short of film production but it may as well be given that it’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the centre of attention.

Rest assured, you will need all the help you need in the shape of a professional in creating your perfect wedding album.

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