5 Reasons That December Borns Are Amazing

Witty, helpful and wise, December borns are everything nice!

5 Reasons That December Borns Are Amazing

Born in the last month of the year, people born in December are the youngest of the lot but definitely not the dumbest. Known for their quick wit and impeccable knowledge about most things, they are extremely good company to have conversations with. Not only smart but also funny, December borns are hard not to love. Here are 5 things that make people born in December amazing beings!

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  • Humorous


You will never be bored when you’re with a December born. Their talks will find a way to cheer you up and keep you entertained. Witty comebacks, intellectual talk or even heart to heart conversations, they can do it all.

  • Nice

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They are extremely nice and genuine people. It is hard to hate them. They’ll do everything for their loved ones and expect nothing in return. Loved by all, December borns are the masters of winning hearts.

  • Determined And Hardworking

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These individuals are driven in life towards certain goals and stay focused on achieving those. Hardwork comes naturally to them and that’s what takes them miles in life. They are also very confident people and have faith in themselves. As a result of their extremely outgoing nature, it becomes easy to spot their talents.

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  • Practical

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It is next to impossible to disappoint December borns as they hold low or rather zilch expectations from other individuals. They are also aware of the fact that one doesn’t get everything he/she may wants in life. Hence, they are grounded to the reality and extremely practical people. They hate drama.

  • No Drama

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These individuals are short-tempered. However, what’s good about them is that they will avoid any kind of drama. They handle tense situations well. They will never indulge in a fight. They will state their opinion and walk away or keep mum. This helps in fizzling down the problems and keeping relationships from dying.

You’re lucky to have such people in your life. Make sure that you never lose them!

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