5 Reasons To Avoid Diet Cola

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5 Reasons To Avoid Diet Cola

Diet cola can do more harm to you than any good. Furthermore, it is said that diet cola hoards artificial sweeteners that are harmful to your body than the sugar found in regular cola. The term ‘diet’ is misleading as a part of the name of the product as there is nothing that helps one diet or lose weight with the consumption of diet cola. Here are a few reasons why one should avoid drinking diet cola.

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  • Zilch Nutritional Value


While drinking diet soda, you may not be taking in calories but neither are you taking in any form of nutrition. The fizz inside the drink causes nothing but bloating. The best no-calorie and refreshing drink is water and nothing replacing it with diet cola is not good for the body. Water is essential to survive.

  • Increases The Risk To Diabetes


Drinking diet soda on a daily basis has proven to be harmful to the health as it increases the risk of metabolic syndrome. This is when the body faces several health problems like increased blood pressure, spiked sugar levels, bloating and high cholesterol. All this increases the possibility of developing heart diseases or diabetes and suffering from a heart stroke, cardiac arrest or attack. Hence, it’s better to avoid diet cola.

  • Headaches


Diet cola contains an artificial sweetener called aspartame and studies state that it is responsible for triggering headaches.

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  • Tooth Erosion


The high citric acid content found in diet cola and soda is responsible for the yellowing of teeth as well as tooth decay. It has been found that the tooth decay caused due to diet cola is the same as caused due to harmful substances like cocaine and methamphetamine.

  • Weight-Gain


It is a myth that diet cola helps lose weight. People tend to drink an increased amount of diet cola due to the low calorie content. However, too much of anything is bad. It has artificial sweeteners and other chemical compounds which are responsible for causing bloating and weight-gain.

Thus, keep away from aerated drinks and opt for fresh juices and water to keep yourself hydrated and feel refreshed.

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