5 Random Thoughts That Cross Every Woman’s Mind During Sex

These thoughts have definitely crossed your mind atleast once!

5 Random Thoughts That Cross Every Woman’s Mind During Sex

Well, admit it or not, most of us are guilty of being struck by random thoughts right in the middle of sex. This activated thought process can often hinder your sexual performance. Have you wondered if your guy’s ex had better assets? Do you ponder over your unwaxed legs or if he can hear your stomach rumbling? The cerebration can not only distract you but also lead to precariousness on bed.

Let’s go through 5 common thoughts that cross every woman’s mind while having sex and how to intercept them.

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  • OMG! I Have A Ponch

Regardless of being thin or fat, women will continue to behave like women. The cringe-worthy thought of having to expose your body fat to your guy makes you conscious. This is the time when you regret having that delicious chocolate cake or an extra bite of pizza.

Thought Shredder: Don’t fret over few extra inches, except on his magic wand! Be confident, he is just glad there’s a little more of you to love. To give yourself a power boost, workout before getting down to action.

  • I Don’t Know What To Do Next!

Yes, we all have been in a situation where we feel clueless about what to do in bed. This is the nascent phase that all of us go through where sexual indulgence is a new thing. The inhibitions of looking weird, going wrong and being judged haunt us in bed and it becomes an absolute task to do anything right at all.

Thought Shredder: Prep, prep and prep! The web is a colossal pool of knowledge. Go through online articles and assimilate useful sex tips that will make yours an expert performance.

  • What’s That Smell?

If your guy has just come back from work and you’ll greet each other with a session of hot sex, you are sure to notice a weird smell coming from his body. Honey, that’s your darling partner’s sweat glands telling you how hard he has worked throughout the day.

Thought Shredder: There is nothing to stress about it. You don’t smell perfect all the time either. If you just can’t bear it, suggest a sexy shower together pre-sex.

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  • Damn, He’s Hot!

Yes, you find him attractive but when his clothes come off, it’s a different story altogether. He looks like the ultimate Greek God you find so hard to resist.

Thought Shredder: It’s okay to glance but staring is downright creepy. Know that he may be hot as hell but he’s crazy about you. Now get down to business.

  • How Much Longer For Him To Orgasm!

Sometimes you may try everything but your guy’s tool might just end up misbehaving and he wouldn’t come. This puts you into panic mode thinking about where you’re going wrong. You need to relax. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. Put it to rest after ten minutes of trying.

Thought Shredder: Allow him to take the lead. He knows best what can get him going. Observe, learn and perform!

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