5 Pro Tips To Help You Stay Fit Through The Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again- the holidays are here! And they bring a lot of calories with them too!! The key to staying on track during the holiday season is finding realistic ways of finding the time to work out regularly and also understanding how to eat sensibly.

5 Pro Tips To Help You Stay Fit Through The Holiday Season

Having a solid game plan as the holidays approach is the key to remaining focused on the big picture of your health and fitness goals.  on special occasions it is absolutely understandable that delicious holiday foods will be consumed and enjoyed.  What is most important though is that the portion size of the food eaten is rational and that the metabolism is not weakened by a lack of activity and exercise.

Start a goal-based program

With the hectic schedule of holiday shopping, parties to attend, school functions for the kids, cooking for family dinners, etc., it becomes almost impossible to find the available time to exercise regularly.  Just relax and tweak your fitness routine a bit. Make new goals with the new fitness program complete with a list of short and long term goals. These goals could be as simple as how many kgs you aim to lose each week, how many calories to burn each day. Another effective method is to have a goal of how many inches you would like to lose by a certain date. These short and long term goals will give you the incentive to remain disciplined through the holiday months.

Workout early in the morning

In order to avoid unexpected tasks that could delay or cancel workout plans for the day, make it a point to wake up an hour earlier and begin exercising in the morning. An exhilarating ‘early bird’ workout will also increase energy and focus so that you will be so much more productive and ready for your day of holiday errands and/or parties.

Make protein a priority

Believe it or not, almost all holiday parties have a fairly healthy assortment of proteins from which to choose. Choose protein as the main nutrient to focus on this holiday season. It will directly boost the metabolism, while also keeping the cravings for starchier high-carbohydrate and high-sugar foods at bay.

Team up to get results

Team up with a friend, co-worker or relative and designate a certain place and time every day to engage in either a workout or some type of physical activity. It could be something as easy as walking a few laps around the mall before you start shopping together. Having the support and company of someone by your side is an extremely effective way to stay disciplined and consistent with your exercise routine, when the onslaught of holiday responsibilities comes at you from all directions.

Put a check on portions 

Portion control is extremely important during this time, as massive quantities of food are available for consumption at parties! Eat a light, protein-based snack before you get to the party so that you are not overly hungry when you arrive. There are many great snacks that help curb the appetite. Protein bars are always a great way to go. Greek yogurt is another quick and easy way to take the edge off of hunger before a holiday gathering. Nuts, especially almonds, are a fast and convenient snack that will keep cravings under control.


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