5 Practical Ways To Keep Your Sex Life Alive After Kids

Kids are a delight, but they can also be problematic when it comes to keeping the spark alive between you and your spouse. Here's how you can safeguard your relationship from this common problem by following these five simple steps.

5 Practical Ways To Keep Your Sex Life Alive After Kids

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Get a babysitter: The only thing better than responsible high school babysitters who will keep your children safe and entertained for a small fee is grandparents. Sometimes you just have to drop the kids off at grandma’s house so you can go on a date — and where that date takes place is nobody’s business but yours. And while we have yet to do this, there’s something romantic and downright steamy about having a sitter come to the house and going to a hotel.

The doors stay locked: While locked doors may be a “no-no” in your house, there’s a big difference between adults and kids turning the latch. Institute a rule that when you or your partner lock a door, it stays that way. Also, make sure they know that when that door is locked, you should only be bothered in cases of guests or emergencies.

Teach your kids that parents need time alone:  Grownups need to have grown up conversations, and sometimes, that means quiet time behind closed doors. Teaching your kids this early on will be beneficial for many reasons, whether you’re actually discussing the bills or spending some romantic time with your partner.

Go to bed together at night: We all have nights when we need to relax and spend some time alone. However, trading in a few of those evenings to go to bed at the same time as your partner can make a huge difference. Nothing makes the next day better than a little loving and pillow talk the night before.

Communication is the key: Sometimes, you won’t feel sexy. You’ll be exhausted, filthy, and braindead from talking to kids all day. That’s okay! You don’t owe anyone sex. Be clear with them and communicate how you feel. Before you know it, you’ll both be back on the same page and ready to get down.



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