5 Positions That Guarantee Hot Sex

Sure shot ways to pleasure!

5 Positions That Guarantee Hot Sex

Wondering how to keep carnal fires burning between the sheets? Get him hot, hungry, and begging for more, with these sex positions. Create naughtier memories, wilder orgasms.

In Reverse

 They call it the Reverse Cowgirl and you’ll see why. Lay him on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. Now, sit on top of him so that what he sees ahead of him is your curvy back. If the vision of your arched back doesn’t drive his libido to a mad frenzy even before you get into action, not much else will. And because he isn’t in charge of the movements, speed, and angle of his penetration (ahem! you are), he won’t be able to stop begging for more. And if that’s not all spiced up for you already, turn around to catch the sweet despair in his eyes.

Down on his knees

Now see how steamy things can get when you give up the controls. Kink up the action with a good dose of foreplay. Then, get him on his knees as you get down on your fours. That’s his cue to take you from behind. For those who wonder why the Doggie Style is counted as one of the most favourite of sex positions among men, it’s simple. He gets the deepest penetration while in this position. And the deeper he goes, the more intense your pleasure. You’d want that, won’t you? So let go and revel in the moment.

The flexi job

When the heat is on, rake it up with the Pretzel Position. Lie down on your back, as comfortable as possible. Make him kneel down next to you, lifting one leg of yours and wrapping it around his waist, even as he enters you. Note that you’d have turned slightly in your position, too, though comfortably so. Now, even though he is down on his knees, his hands are free to caress your gorgeous body, and his mind, free to fantasize his deepest sexual desires with you. With the penetration he achieves, and the G-spot he hits, would you wonder why this is counted among the most intimate sex positions for the two of you? Go, play.

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Lazy crawlers

Now, this is a job for two. The Spider Position, aka the Crab Position, is a stimulator. Of fantasies galore, that is. Get him to lie down on his back, with his legs stretched out in front. Now, lie down yourself, opposite to him, but with your pelvic area nudging his. Move in closer so that both your knees fold up on the sides of your bodies. Grab his legs with your hands; ask him to hold on to yours. As he enters you, move in rhythm to his wiggles so that he is aroused for as long as you please. From above, your actions would look like a directionless, lazy crawl. But from where you are, its deep penetration and untold pleasure, guaranteed.

The crouch

The Standing Tiger or Crouching Dragon position is also for the two of you. Get on your fours at the edge of your bed. Have him stand behind you, quite like he would in the Doggie. Now, add a twist to the Doggie as he enters you, and get your knees together, even as you arch your back and lift your hips slightly. Bringing your knees closer together will narrow your vaginal canal, giving him a tighter channel to thrust into, which means a heightened sensation for him. While this position drives him over the moon, it’s going to bring you that complete G-spot stimulation too. A win-win, wouldn’t you say?

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