5 Popular Fitness Trends You Should Know

2017 has witnessed an increasing affinity towards health and fitness. It has been the year of raging fitness trends.

5 Popular Fitness Trends You Should Know

Catering to our constant weight-loss quests, fitness gurus and nutritionists keep coming up with various activities, diet plans as well as sets of exercises that would help us shed those extra kilos. These activities go on to become popular weight-loss trends due to their uniqueness and a fresh variation in the usual work-out regime. Here are 5 popular weight-loss trends of this year which you could resort to right away.

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  • Technology that you can wear


From fitness tracking watches to gadgets that have gone a step ahead which remind you to keep moving as well as offer a GPS system, the fitness technology is only getting better every year. MAC, Samsung, FitBit and other tech giants have come up with their own versions of these gadgets which are now available at affordable prices. This makes it possible for an increased number of individuals to make use of the product and keep a track of their fitness.

  • HIIT

Group of women working out in fitness studio

High intensity interval training has become an extremely popular form of exercise and is a favourite among many. From pilates to bootcamp exercises, HIIT is incorporated in everything. It basically involves high-energy exercises practiced at regular short intervals. The quick burst of body movement ensures quicker burning of calories.

  • Strength training


Cardio is no more the only way to go when it comes to fitness. It is equally important to strengthen your core and stay strong these days. Not only does it keep you healthy and fit but makes you much stronger which always comes handy in self-defense. This activity helps in building muscle mass, protecting against diabetes, back pain, and more.

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  • Outdoor activities


May it be a trek, an intense session of cycling uphill with a group of friends or merely going for a swim, outdoor activities are a great way of meeting new people and exercising together. Not only does this help in attaining mental peace and relaxing your mind but also in losing weight. Infact, they are the best form of cardio work-outs.

  • Flexibility rollers


These flexibility and mobility enhancing rollers provide your muscle tissues with a deep massage that help them relax. They should be used before and after your work-out session.

Embrace these trends and you’re sure to have shed a substantial amount of weight by the end of this year. Make the most of this year!

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