5 Places For A Quick Sneaky Make Out Session

5 Places For A Quick Sneaky Make Out Session

While we often think of ways to have the best sex with better positions, a simple sneaky makeout session can add all the excitement to your intimate life. Why not just sneak out with your partner and kiss them till the thrill lasts? Won’t that be a different and an exciting thing to do? Not only will it bring back the spice in your relationship, but will also add spark in your relationship that you must have probably felt in the beginning. Plus it’s always a fun idea to do such stuff with your love! Only beware you don’t get caught up in any embarrassing situation.

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Here are 5 places that are the most perfect for a sneaky make out session!

1. Theater


What else could be better than a movie theater to sneak in some kisses on your partner’s lips? The place is dark and people are too engrossed in watching the movie, so there’s hardly any chance that people might take notice. Just be sure to keep the voices as low as possible so that you do not get caught in the dark!

2. Car


Cars are the best places to have some adventure in your own private space. Parking lots, empty roads, deserted parks are all great options where you can park your cars and get a quickie. Just pull back your seats for comfort and have the moment just for yourselves.

3. Elevator


There may be very few chances to find an elevator to yourselves, but hey, there are always possibilities! Just don’t get too lost in the act that your don’t distance from each other when you hear the elevator stop on a floor or the doors open.

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4. Terrace


If you own an entire house you could even use the terrace all night for a great sexual routine! But if that isn’t the case, there are very few chances of people showing up on building terraces. So may be the terrace is your spot for tonight.

5. Airplane Bathroom


People are too busy to mind their own stuff when they get on a plane. Probably the best reason for you and your partner to sneak out to the plane bathroom. But be smart enough to go one by one, so it wouldn’t get that obvious!

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