5 Pink Lipsticks That Suit All Skin Tones

From natural pinks to audacious magentas, there is something for everyone!

5 Pink Lipsticks That Suit All Skin Tones

Who doesn’t desire healthy pink lips? It goes without saying that every woman loves to flaunt a plump pout with a tinge of colour or go all out and pull off an audacious lipstick! Now, we all know that majority of women have an affinity towards pink lipsticks. Owing to the fact that every shade of pink doesn’t necessarily compliment all complexions, we have shortlisted five universal shades of pink which would help women all around the globe in attaining those desirable pink lips!


Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick- Patina


patina edit

  • Price- Rs 1700

This is a light pink liquid lipstick that settles into an extremely fine matte finish. It is exceptionally light-weight, gives full coverage and inclines towards the category of nudes. However, it’s necessary to moisturize your lips before you apply this lipstick. Its matte texture tends to deprive your lips of moisture. This intensifies the appearance of cracks and fine lines on your lips and we all know that isn’t a pretty sight. Alas, this is a beautiful cool toned pink, which should certainly not be dispensed with merely because of its single drawback. Apply a generous layer of lip balm an hour before you apply this lipstick and you are good to go!

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Lakme Absolute Argan Lip Colour- Silky Blush


silky blush

Price- Rs 750

This is a muted pink that subtly manages to enhance your look by imparting a perfectly balanced luster to your lips and treating them with the benefits of argan oil at the same time. True to its name, this lipstick glides on like a wave of silk. What more could you wish for? Above all, it’s an affordable and long-lasting product which can be worn to office as well as parties. Pair it up with a smokey-eye and you’d make the most of it.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick- Summer Sunset

summer sunset

Price- Rs 450

With a hint of shimmer and a creamy texture, this lipstick is sure to give you a lively yet sophisticated look. Having aligned itself neither towards a red nor a pink, this shade strikes a perfect balance between both the colours. As a result, this shade has been one of the highly sold products of the brand. Being sheer and subdued, this lipstick does not look over the top and is wearable to office as well as casual outings and parties. It isn’t a long-lasting lipstick. However, the lush colour pay-off comes as a complete surprise when the price is taken into consideration. This lipstick definitely deserves a thumbs-up for being one of the most optimal lip products available in the market.

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MAC Lustre Finish- Plumful



Price- Rs 1500

It would be safe to state that MAC has successfully established itself as one of the legendary brands of cosmetics, especially lipsticks. Just one glance into any of its store and the first thing you notice is the systematically arranged rows of lipsticks, meant for being swatched. Being the only brand that offers a panoply of variants of just one colour, MAC ensures a shade for every complexion. Some of their shades are universal favourites, Plumful being one of them. As the name suggests, it’s a plum shaded pink and falls under the darker category of pinks and is quite long-lasting. It would suit girls as well as older women. The luster finish would add a touch of elegance to your face.

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Prague



Price- Rs 600

This lip colour is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Prague is one of those pink shades that reflect a hint of purple. It is a gorgeous magenta pink embodied in a liquid that settles into a fine matte finish. It offers a durability of 6-7 hours and proves to be worth every penny invested into it. It effectively brightens up a dull face and sends out an exceedingly bold vibe that would create an impression instantly. This lip colour looks best with minimal makeup as this is a shade that would demand all the attention drawn toward the lips. Pair it up with generously mascara-coated lashes and voila! You’d have effortlessly achieved a chic look within no time.

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